update to Processing issues (video and server/client)

This past week, I have been identifying issues with sending video from one computer to another using Processing. Also, I have been identifying similar issues with sending other data from one computer to another. Both of these tasks are necessary in the configuration of hardware and materials for the Distant Narrative project.

Sending data between computers, or more specifically as is necessary for this project, from one computer to a computer which collects the data and sends it out to two other computers, is something that Processing allows for and I understand after looking into the problem and working with test files. The setup that will be required is to have, for example, one of the stations (A) detects motion from a user and then, acting as a client computer, sends that data to a server computer which then broadcasts that data out to the two other stations (B and C) which would receive the data as clients and activate the electronics and overall system. I have looked at examples and understand this setup.

Sending video in a similar client-server-broadcast (or multi-cast) configuration is also possible, and I have looked at examples and understand the code that is necessary to implement this setup. From what I have found in initial tests, it would be best to have the one or two video sources be sent to the third station in a side-by-side composition rather than trying to composite or mix the video sources. This will probably make the video more stable and maintain a better frame rate. Creating a mixed video may be more demanding on Processing and is also more difficult to implement; also, it may be more confusing visually.

Right now, I am trying to set up a test from one computer to another for the client-server configuration. I am running into some difficulty in getting Processing to properly install and run on the EEE computer, but have been looking at examples and forums to fix this and get it installed correctly. Once this is done, I expect to perform some tests to see how the EEE computer does as a client. Then, I will add another EEE computer to the system and test this, and finally, add the third EEE computer and use my MacBook Pro as the server computer (the EEE computers will all be clients). I would like to get this testing done as soon as possible.

I have not worked with the electronics this past week, but will get back to figuring out a solution to the power (getting enough volts into the electronics with the arduino) once I have the computer tests done. I would like to get the computers working in the client-server setup with the correctly powered electronics by March 30. At this point all of the Processing sketches should be working as needed for the complete system and all the computers and electronics will be working. Then, from March 31 to April 8 this setup could be transferred to the boxes and by April 8 this final setup would be ready in the setup  for how they will be shown. From April 9 to 13, final testing and any adjustments could be made for the April 14 GVU demo.

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