Update to Prototyping with Arduino

This past week have been working with Arduino Duemilanove to test set up for:

Sharp IR motion sensor: worked with 2Y0A700 motion sensor with higher range – need corrector 5 pin connector – on order lower voltage fan (5v) is also on order.

With current available components, have tested arduino program with a an LED indicating output and smaller motion sensor of the same make (Sharp 2Y0A02) as the input. Currently the Arduino is connected to a mac laptop for testing.

Will use this setup to test how the system works and incorporate the other elements of the system: LED, projector, camera this next week to get one complete working system from the mac.

Depending on the success of this test, can then port the system over to the intended components, including the parts of the system that are being substituted for currently: the ee computer, larger sensor and higher voltage fan.

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