2 Design Concepts

Concept One:

This is an alternative version of the design for Distant Narrative based on the initial design concepts:

The physical components in system are separated from the screen display and haptic feedback component (fans) to be more integrated into the home environment. Components including the projector, sound speaker, and remote indicator are all separate pieces which can be configured in a room depending on the user’s preference. An existing television or monitor can be used as a computer interface to set preferences for the system. Components are designed to be non-intrusive to the existing environment. The projection screen, speakers, and floor sensors are created with, and housed inside in the case of the fans and sensors, flexible canvas or fabric to allow for easy storage and portability.

Concept One - view of components in living room area: projector, speaker, computer, and remote indicator

Concept One - View of Projection Screen and Floor Sensors with Fans and Computer

Design Concept Two:

In this design there is a small computer unit which placed in a room, other networked stations can be placed throughout the house. There is only one other component to this system which is a small unobtrusive communication object. This object is similar to the remote indicator in the first design. It houses a number of LED lights in colors that allow for a signaling in red, green, and other colors.

six communication objects with pictures to identify personalization

Detail of Communication Objects

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